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Accurate calculation of the carbon footprint of leather production is not far off

Accurate calculation of the carbon footprint of leather production is not far off

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The professional consulting company spin360 will cooperate with the vallero tanning drum development company to develop a smart drum. Spin360 CEO Federico said that the intelligent drum has won wide interest in the tanning technology exhibition. Early experiments proved that the intelligent drum will provide an effective way for tanners to calculate the cost and carbon footprint of leather production.
In addition, the intelligent drum will easily discover the hidden costs and excessive consumption of energy, water and chemical materials in production, thus saving production costs and reducing carbon emissions. The Vallero Smart Drum System uses sensor technology to capture all relevant data in the leather processing process, including chemical materials used in tannery production, water and energy consumption, and total wastewater discharge. The system software can also simulate the construction scale of the tanning enterprise sewage treatment plant.
Using this information, together with a detailed description of the carbon footprint of the chemical products used in production, the carbon footprint of leather production can be calculated. As part of the important contribution of the leather industry to the European Commission's product environmental footprint project, Federico has established a detailed database through years of collection of product and processing data.
Federico said that before the show, we had applied for a patent for the intelligent drum technology and hoped to make it a reality in June.
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