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Jining leather industry "internal trade" is selling well

Jining leather industry "internal trade" is selling well

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On the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, drove to the well-known Jining International Leather City, and the customers who came to shop were still bustling.
Into the first floor lobby of Building 1, I just bought a leather jacket. The 64-year-old man who is resting on the wicker chair, Wang Ruiling smiled and told the reporter: "Today, my daughter and I are driving from the right rear flag. I am actually in a month. I took a fancy to this fur coat, because I felt that the price was high and I was not willing to buy it. This is not. After the Spring Festival daughter came back, I took it to buy it today!"
Entering the hall of the Roman Shields and Living Museum, a variety of robes are unstoppable. “You look closely, this coat is dyed evenly, soft and elastic. All the finished products in our shop are imported from Europe, and the quality and reputation are well known.” The store manager Zhang Lihe The clerk is passionate about introducing the quality of each garment to the customers.
"This year's Spring Festival, there are four businesses in Jining International Leather City that are not closed. Our Roman Shield is one of the four. On the one hand, there are migrant workers returning home during the Spring Festival, foreigners visiting relatives, students taking holidays, etc. The passenger flow, on the other hand, also hopes to provide a good place for people to collect and shop in the Spring Festival," said Zhang Li.
When asked about the sales situation this year, Zhang Li said: "Our store was settled in Jining International Leather City in 2013. At that time, the business was really good, especially the sales of brand stores like us were particularly hot, and the price was also very good. It is very stable, but in the last one or two years, with the increase of large and small merchants, the competitiveness is getting bigger and bigger, the quality of the clothes is starting to be uneven, and the price floating space has become very large, which is shocking for our brand stores. It is very big. However, we know that Jining International Leather City is fully undertaking the Beijing Yabao Road market in 2018, and we are still very optimistic about the market situation."
Entering the European Life Museum, the boss Li Aimin is working with the clerk to check the goods intently. “Compared to the stores in Daying, Yangyuan, Changchun, Hohhot and Baotou, the overall environment of Jining Market is very good, the passenger flow is also concentrated, and the preferential policies promised by the government have all been fulfilled.” Li Aimin The development of Jining Market is full of confidence.
Wulanchabu City makes full use of the advantages of location transportation and the leather industry formed over the years, and participates in the construction of China-Russia-Mongolia economic corridor with a more active attitude, creates a new highland for open development, and actively undertakes the industrial transfer of Beijing Yabao Road market. Up to now, Jining International Leather City - China·Xin Yabao Road Mall has held 12 foreign procurement activities, more than 160 foreign trade merchants, and more than 4,000 overseas buyers. In addition, 16 foreign trade enterprises that have settled in the Jining Leather Industrial Park have also been put into production. In 2017, the total output value was 150 million yuan, the export was 63.96 million yuan, and the tax refund was over 1.6 million yuan.
Guo Fengjun, deputy general manager of Jining International Leather City, said with confidence: “In 2017, the national leather industry’s general sales fell by 30%-60%, compared with Jining International Leather City’s sales by 20%-25%. I think This is due to the advantages of three aspects, one is the rigid demand from our cold weather in the north. The second is through the grassland tourism line, in addition to increasing the free shuttle bus to the surrounding cities, we also implement the 'free travel subsidy tolls 'As long as you have a self-driving tour in Jining International Leather City, you can enjoy a 5% road subsidy. Third, our sales and operation team carefully carried out gratitude feedback activities, such as Jining on September 28, 2017. On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the International Leather City, the on-site sweepstakes can draw up to a BMW, which greatly enhances the appeal."
In order to provide a better business environment for merchants and foreign merchants in Yabao Road market, Wulanchabu Municipal Government is actively applying for Jining District as a temporary port of call for China, Russia and China, and actively solve the problem of undertaking the Beijing Yabao Road market. Export tax rebates, international logistics, international flights, business registration, foreign currency exchange, foreign language translation and other issues faced in the process of industrial transfer.
Guo Fengjun said: "At present, the Yabao Road market has settled in our leather city, and the market and processing modes are implemented. On the 8th, 18th and 28th of each month, the order fair will be held. Next year, I will increase the density of the order fair. In fact, these Russians The Mongolian merchants came, not only to purchase leather goods, but also to collect the shopping malls in Ninglian and Zhejiang Small Commodity City, which can be said to drive the development of Wulanchabu's entire economy."
Jining International Leather City will not fight this year's Spring Festival, which is the first time in Wulanchabu.
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