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Nearly 100 tons of heavy metal tanned leather in the beach of Lucheng District, Wenzhou

Nearly 100 tons of heavy metal tanned leather in the beach of Lucheng District, Wenzhou

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Recently, Wenzhou netizens reported to this website that some people have stolen a large amount of leather processing materials in the beachside of the village on the shore of the village of Tengqiao Town, Lucheng District, as well as the roadside, which has a bad influence on the surrounding ecological environment.
Dumping leather with a wide range of materials, serious damage to the environment
On the morning of March 23, the reporter came to the site of the sneaked down by the netizen - Xia Village.
The reporter walked along Wenzhou City Fancheng Building Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Fancheng Brick Factory) and found that there are a lot of blue-green broken leather materials on the company's main entrance and southwest side, and some are packed in bundles. Ok, some are scattered randomly on the ground. On the roadside of the lagoon on the Wuhu line, there are also a large number of blue-green shards.
"It’s been sneaked in the middle of the night, it’s been a long time.” A doorman from a nearby company told reporters that “there was someone who sold it to the capsule factory. Now the country is banned, so it’s piled up here for a long time. When the typhoon level is high, these pieces of skin are all washed down the river and go across the sea."
According to the workers at the Fancheng Brick Factory: "Our factory was subletted from the coal mine owner in May last year. At that time, except for the coal in the site, it was the leather scraps of the land, and it was stinking in the summer. The mosquitoes and flies are in groups.” After that, the worker also told reporters that there were more piles of broken skin on the way to the west behind the brick factory.
On the south side of the Fancheng Brick Factory, the small road that went westward was stolen by the hills.
Later, the reporter went west from a small road in the south and found that the small road on the edge of the farmland had been completely occupied by the broken skin, and a large number of broken skins were piled up like a hill. In the words of the local villagers: "It’s already strange."
Polluting enterprises are shut down and pollution problems still exist
Subsequently, the reporter will report the situation to the Tengqiao Town Environmental Protection Institute. About half an hour, Lu Chengpan, the deputy mayor in charge of environmental protection in Tengqiao Town, and Cao Zhongjie, the law enforcement officer of the Environmental Protection Institute of Tengqiao Town, rushed to the scene.
It is understood that before 2017, this is also a tannery base in Wenzhou. At that time, there were more than 20 tanneries, mainly producing cow leather. A large amount of tannery wastewater polluted the rivers here, and the water quality was greatly polluted. The people reflect a lot.
The beach is full of broken sofas, chemical barrels, broken leather, industrial waste.
“From the scene, most of the waste piled up here is the scraps cut during leather processing and the scraps when grinding leather.” Lu Chengpan said that since October last year, the town has carried out “four no” remediation, thoroughly The tannery enterprises in the park were shut down, and the domain name of the Shangyu Leather Industrial Park was also cancelled. At the same time, all the shredded garbage in the entire park was cleaned up.
"Those (crushed skin) should be stolen in the middle of the night." Cao Zhongjie, a law enforcement officer at the Tengqiao Town Environmental Protection Agency, explained: "Like the road along the tidal flat, we have blocked it with large stones, but stole it. The person was replaced by a small agricultural tricycle."
"Because of the lack of surveillance video and the nighttime stealing, we are really helpless." Weng Wenhu, director of the Fujiqiao Environmental Protection Institute, said: "The waste material here should not be the company of our territory, because there is no one in the entire park. The tannery has only one warehouse."
Broken leather outside the gate of the brick factory
In addition, Weng Wenhu said that the chemical peeling of the discarded pieces will be carried out. At the same time, the public security organs will be notified immediately to check the prosecution video for investigation.
As of press time, Lu Chengpan, deputy mayor of Tengqiao Town, replied that a total of 60 cubic meters (about 70 tons) of concentrated shredded garbage has been cleared.
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