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Break through the boundaries of fashion and go hand in hand with fashion.

Break through the boundaries of fashion and go hand in hand with fashion.

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June 28-July 3
Haining Convention and Exhibition Center
The 24th Haining China Leather Expo will be held
 Popular and easy to pass, style is forever!
As time goes by, the styles will change, the fabric will be innovative, the color will change, and the craft will be eliminated. The only thing that remains in fashion history is the timeless style. China Leather Fashion Week is to lead the trend, to mark the fashion trend, but also to break through the boundaries of fashion, and to close the distance with fashion.
Young fashion - breaking the age and bringing the aesthetic distance closer
It is not only mature men who can wear leather clothes. It is not only the royal sister who can wear a leather skirt, nor is it only the rich to wear the water. Not inappropriate, just that you didn't find the right style.
"Young fashion" can be said to be one of the mainstream trends in fashion in recent years. Haining Leather City has long foreseen, from the introduction of "fashion" to the "construction of the Yangtze River Delta fashion base". At the same time, in the Haining fashion camp, the rejuvenation of the brand has become a consensus. For example, in this year's catwalk brand, Milo Design and the Japanese translation launched the "90 water raft", which means the otter clothing that is suitable for wearing after 90s. Through the transformation of the version, they integrate the bats, jackets, asymmetrical and other layouts for the otters, and add fashion elements such as buckles, labeling and webbing to achieve the effect of younger leeches. The addition of the pure original online brand Baro will bring us a new style that fits the aesthetic of the emerging hipsters.
Going back to the scene - breaking the routine and getting closer to life
Life is not like the T-stage, just walking from the head to the end in the spotlight. After the T-station, busy work, afternoon leisure, energetic sports grounds, and passionate nightclubs are part of life.
The costumes should shine on the T-stage, and the attitude of life should be expressed after the T-stage. In this year's catwalk style, the emphasis on returning to life will be one of the major highlights. Among them, Huayan clothing will create three life scenes of “leisure style”, “sports style” and “night club style” through different fabrics, tailoring and elements. The simple and comfortable cut allows you to enjoy the leisure life comfortably. The loose sports version makes you energetic and fashionable, and the high street dark elements make you full of personality in the night club. In the style language of China Leather Fashion Week, lifestyle is not only a carrier of fashion, but also a fashion attitude.
Re-translation of the ancient style - breaking the impression, bringing the traditional distance closer
“Chinese style” is always a major issue in the fashion industry. It is either a flamboyant dragon and phoenix embroidery or a cotton-and-silk silk coldness, while China Leather Fashion Week breaks the stereotype of the Chinese style and brings us closer to tradition. .
Through the use of traditional images such as ink, flowers, birds and landscapes, the catwalk brand, Mrs. Zizi, has ingeniously integrated it into the mink clothing, and will also combine the unique patterns in traditional Chinese costumes, such as cheongsam collars. In addition, the catwalk brand Shanggu Chuanqi has taken a different approach and used the time as the axis to innovate and interpret the fashion changes of China's millennium costumes. Is poetry and painting, is it spring snow, or is it flowing? Let us wait and see.
Breaking the age, breaking the rules, breaking the impression, fashion should have no boundaries, but they should have their own style! The 10th China Leather Fashion Week with the theme of “polynuclear” brings together domestic and foreign design forces on a platform, melting new designs, new fabrics, original colors and complicated processes in one furnace. Establish an eternal style. And our significance is that when the comeback looks back at China Leather Fashion Week, you can think of the amazing style of the show!
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