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Looking for quality Pu leather manufacturer - Guangzhou Dashang Leather

Looking for quality Pu leather manufacturer - Guangzhou Dashang Leather

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Looking for a quality Pu leather manufacturer - Guangzhou Dashang Leather, a quality pu leather manufacturer, Guangzhou Dashang leather is your best choice. Dashang Leather has grown from a small company a few years ago. Now it has become the hegemon of the decorative leather industry. Success is not accidental, but continuous efforts to absorb experience and develop new products to improve, will have today's high quality and environmentally friendly product quality. Dashang Leather is a professional decorative leather wholesaler that integrates R&D, production and wholesale. The company owns more than 2,000 different materials and environmentally friendly leather. Its use: decorative leather (soft leather fabric, hard leather), automotive interior leather, sofa artificial leather , soft leather background wall, etc. Dashang takes health and environmental protection as its development concept and only produces healthy and environmentally friendly products. The company's new R & D "soft fiber skin" has an absolute advantage and the leather to compete, whether it is from soft comfort or feel has become an ideal substitute. Soft fiber leather pure pu environmental protection, wear resistance, hydrolysis resistance, anti-aging, no plasticizer added in production, no VOC release, passed the EU REACH environmental certification, and achieved true health and environmental protection. Elegant and elegant, the decorative interior (soft bag, sofa, bed, furniture) can use high-grade leather to give people a noble enjoyment. It is high-grade, atmospheric, and can reflect the user's taste and artistic heritage.
Guangzhou Dashang decorative leather, focusing on soft leather, focusing on the wholesale of leather fabrics, based on the market, innovative research and development, to provide customers with high quality, complete, practical, trend of decorative leather, soft leather,
Environmentally friendly leather, etc., the sun soft bag decorative leather is a partner you can trust. It is worthy of your assured decorative leather manufacturer, which can bring you rich profits of soft bag decorative leather wholesale factory.
Guangzhou Dashang Leather National Free Consultation Phone: 400-840-0653
Sales Tel: 13926053725 Contact QQ: 2895610649
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