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Professional Produce and Sale High quality Artificial Leather. Including Semi-PU / PVC / PU

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Dashang Leather technology Co , Ltd is a professional production and sales of artificial leather company .We produce Semi-PU/ PU / PVC Leather widely used in Luggage/ Hand bag / Car seat / Book cover etc. Our factor covers an area of 99,000 square meter and nine professional production lines with complete supporting facilities, the yield is up to 55million meters.

Contribute to the country's green hills and emission reduction goals

We have been committed to the design and manufacture of environmentally friendly artificial leather products, according you demand to design the national standards and European and American standards. At the same time, actively improve and control VOC emissions in our factory production, weed out backward production equipment





"Continuous improvement, starting with the end" is our business philosophy

In the last 20 years, we deeply know the importance of quality, the product only better not the best. And all of what we sad will be expressed by our product .In production ,we by means of ISO/TS 16949:2009 and other quality detection considered. Meanwhile, we also focus on the highest level of professional services to customers and the sale team member they all have 2 years operational experience, that make themselves can know how to  do well for customers .So  that can easy to achieve customer needs, reduce costs, effectively improve competitiveness, achieve tripartite win-win service!


Dashang introduction