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Professional Produce and Sale High quality Artificial Leather. Including Semi-PU / PVC / PU


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Leather line established

Consider begin with the end in mind and continuous improvement 

  More than 1000 standard physical property environmental protection 

requirements about the artificial leather can be customized production   


Professional production line

Meet International Standard of GB/T  8948/8949-2008

Meet EU EN71-III/ROHS 2.0

DMF-A Free

55Million meters

Annual productivity

Meet International Standard of B1 level /BS5852

(NO.1/NO.2/NO.5 Five Resistance)

99000square meters

Production workshop

PAHs Free (PAHs<1PPM)

  Dashang leather· Product display  — 

The Product of Leather Widely Used in Luggage / Car/ Sofa furniture  / Shoes/ Book cover. etc

We will continuous pursuit and progress


By means of SO/TS16949 approve and the best

Cost-effective formula for professional team .

Dashang leather

Consider begin with the end in mind ·Continuous improvement 

Strict control of the process


In order to constantly repeat the stable

accumulation of data.

By means of third-party test


We meet the international standard and EUR &USA


Perfect service system


Emphasis on pre-sales effective communication,

after-sales use of the whole follow-up and summary.


Idea · proofing · confirmation


Prenatal sample · Confirmation


Internal inspection · Third party testing


Shipping · After-sales tracking

Dashang leather product features

Why can produce a product to achieve the highest cost performance?


Accurate calculation of the carbon footprint of leather production is not far off
The professional consulting company spin360 will cooperate with the vallero tanning drum development company to develop a smart drum.
Jining leather industry "internal trade" is selling well
On the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, drove to the well-known Jining International Leather City, and the customers who came to shop were still bustling.
Nearly 100 tons of heavy metal tanned leather in the beach of Lucheng District, Wenzhou
Dumping leather with a wide range of materials, serious damage to the environment.
The 4th World Leather Congress will be held in New York
The International Tanning Committee announced that the 4th World Leather Congress will be held in New York. The meeting will be held the day before the Linda Peli Leather Show in New York, dated July 16, 2019.

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—  They have chosen Da Shang,what are you waiting for?    

Our customers are located all over the world and our customers are located in all walks of life.

Guangzhou Dashang Leather Technology Co,Ltd .Professional Produce And Sale High-quality Artificial Leather. Including Semi-PU / PVC / PU.

The Product of Leather Widely Used in Luggage / Car / Sofa furniture / Shoes/ Book cover, etc. The major factory in Guangdong Foshan and Qingyuan, 

our factories covers an area of 99,000 square meter and nine professional production lines with complete supporting facilities, the yield is up to 55million meters.

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